42nd Colombo Scout Group has its unique way of functioning. It is the Instructors of the troop that organize & co-ordinate all the activities of the troop. The Instructors Council is the top most decision making body of the troop. The Chairman of the Instructors Council is appointed to the post “Senior Troop Leader”, which is same as the post “Troop Leader” which is used elsewhere. The following are the names of the Senior Troop Leaders (STLs) of Gold Troop, since the inception of this post in 2006. Before 2006 the General Secretary was the student head of the Instructors Council which the Scout Leader chaired.

2006 : K.I.U Nanayakkara
2007 : A.M Azeez
2008 : P.A.A Randika
2009 : H.L.T.B Kandanaarachchi
2010 : N.N Padukka
2011 : R.A.I.A Udayanga
2012 : U. Gamage
2013 : N.S. Perera
2014 : D.I. Hettiarachchi
2015 : D Perera/ M Maheshwaran
2016 : B. Methsara
2017 : R.I. Mapalagama
2018 : D. D. Karunarathne
2019 : L.T. Edirisinghe
2020 : L.T. Edirisinghe